About Community Workshop NOLA

Design, Build, and Create

The Workshop is a co-operative community wood shop seeking to create a safe, affordable, and collaborative workspace to cultivate a collective of makers. We are queer operated and seek to open opportunity for builders of all identities. Flex your creativity and take pride in learning a new skill. 

The Workshop recently relocated to the Broadmoor neighborhood at 3142 Calhoun St.  The building is shared with The 1881 institute, a nonprofit workforce development initiative preparing unrepresented populations in the fields of engineering and technology. 

Currently the space hosts these tools for communal use:

  • Sliding miter saw

  • Table Saw

  • Planer

  • Jointer

  • Palm Router

  • Plunge Router

  • Router Table

  • Ample dust collection

  • Drill press

  • Belt Sander

  • Air compressor

  • Brad Nailer

  • Bandsaw

  • precision mini lathe

  • An assortment of power and hand tools

  • Not enough clamps

  • CNC machine

  • 3D printer

We are always accepting donations of both monetary value and tools. This is a cooperative space in which all funds are invested directly back into the upkeep of the shop. Tools are expensive and keeping prices low is important to us. Contact us about corporate sponsorship.


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Rules and Guidelines

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