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Get the experienced maker in your life a gift certificate for The Dabbler Day Pass

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Electric Wood Saw

The Dabbler

Single Day Access to The Workshop Makerspace. Enjoy the benefit of all the tools, expertise, and inspiration for the day. Tackle a quick project or spend the day exploring your creativity.


The Builder

24/7 access. Enjoy all that The Workshop Makerspace has to offer with enough time to tackle the toughest projects. Wander over after work to destress  or make the most of your weekend creating something.

3D Printer

The Creator

This is the one! An all access pass. Coded access to The Workshop Makerspace 24-7 along with a private studio space. Take your hobby to the next level, learn a new skill, or ignite the fire under your business idea. Be a part of the Bywater Arts community and create something special.