Rules and Guidelines

Keep it Safe, Fun, & Collaborative

  1. Safety

    • Always wear the proper safety gear; eye protection, hearing protection, face shields, gloves, footwear, skin coverage, and respirators.

    • If unsure how to use equipment properly, just ask for help. No one is born an expert.

    • Drinks up, tools down. This is a social and collaborative space. Celebrate your accomplishments and friendships, but only after the work for the day is done.

  2. Respect the space

    • Tools live in the workshop. Please do not take tools out of the space for any reason.

    • Please be respectful of other people projects and spaces.

    • You may not leave projects or materials in the Workshop unless you have added storage space to your membership. Space availability is very limited. Materials left unattended in the shared spaces will be considered “donations” to the The Workshop.

    • Please clean up after yourself. Clear your work areas and leave it ready for the next person.

  3. Collaborate

    • All members are welcome. Any sort of bullying, discrimination, or general discouragement will not be tolerated.

    • Be open to help and ask for help. Be respectful of other people’s time, but never be afraid to ask for help.

  4. Memberships

    • Non-members are only allowed in the space during open house events or for classes. For safety and security reasons, please do not bring guests into the shop. Day passes are available and we are always happy to accommodate a shop tour.

    • Members under 18 will require supervision outside of attending classes.

  5. Tool Usage

    • Certain tools require a brief tutorial. Using these tools without the proper instruction can be dangerous and can irreparably damage the tool.

    • You may use any tool in the workshop, however, certain tools may be utilized for classes. Please review the class schedules if you need to ensure specific tool availability.

    • Report failing, damaged, or defective tools. That way we can get them back up and running ASAP.

    • Inspect each tool before using it. As much as we strive to maintain all tools, this space is shared with many people. The person who used the tool before you may have damaged it and failed to mark it as “out of service”.

    • Although it is our goal, your membership does not guarantee availability of all tools at all times. Plan ahead and be aware of tool availabilities.

  6. Security

    • Safety and security are paramount. Please ensure all doors are locked and secure when leaving the workshop. We do not accept responsibility for damaged, lost, or stolen property that may occur to members’ materials, tools, projects, or other belongings while at the workshop. We cannot guarantee the safety and security of any property left at the workshop.

    • Fire extinguishers are clearly labeled and available throughout the workshop. Familiarize yourself with their location and function. Please call 911 in the case of a fire. If you believe you can safely put out the fire, please do so.

    • Two eyewash stations are available. Please read the materials information you are working with, always wear eye protection, and read the directions on the eyewash stations. Seek medical attention if necessary.

  7. Other General Rules

    • Put all tools where they belong before you leave.

    • Do not build, store, or use anything that is illegal. Firearms are prohibited.

    • Do not open the roll-up door between 10 pm and 7 am out of respect for the neighbors.

    • Do not leave the roll-up door up if you are not going to be close to the door.

    • Do not sleep in the Workshop. 

    • Do not enter the Maker Space if your judgment, reaction time, or attention is impaired for any reason – exhaustion, medications, alcohol, or any other reason

    • Smoking is not permitted inside

    • Do not use any hazardous materials that emits noxious vapor inside the space without proper exhaust.

    • Do not cut cured fiberglass or carbon fiber composites inside.

    • Before bringing any gas, air, or electric-powered tools into the Maker Space, you must get permission

    • The Workshop does not supply consumable Tools or Supplies such as, but not limited to, project materials, screws, nails, nuts, bolts, glues, sandpaper, sanding belts, steel wool, paint, woods, plastics, metals, stains, finishes, electronic components, welding rod, tungsten electrodes, grinding discs, or similar items, etc. With very few exceptions, members must provide all items that are consumed in the creation of their projects.

    • We reserve the right to refuse anyone access or continued access to makerspace without regard to prior access, membership status, payment history, or any other factor